Can I vent? Why do we have insurance!?

Posted by curlyq on December 3, 2013 in Your home |

Can someone explain to me how the insurance world is allowed to do what they do? When Brian and I first bought our house 5 years ago, we had a pipe break under the slab so I called my insurance company to see if that was something that they covered. I was told no, but apparently was assigned a claim number during this exchange. My husband and I decided to stop using that bathroom and fix it when we saved up enough money.

A year later, with the pipe still broken, we had a ton of rain that flooded our yard, and sewerage backed up through the broken pipe and into our shower and onto our bathroom floor. Water came out into our bedroom, and the plumber that I hired said we should have it professionally cleaned and dried since it involved sewerage. He also said insurance should cover the damage from the water even though they won’t pay to have the pipe fixed. I filed a claim, they sent out a service company that tried to dry everything out, but many things ended up needing to be replaced including some of the drywall and furniture. Homeowners insurance paid for it after we paid our deductible.

Fast forward to this Fall. Our homeowners insurance rates went up several months ago so I decided to call a dear friend who works for an insurance company to have his boss see if he could get a better rate for us. I was advised to stop paying our homeowners policy while we made the transition to this new insurance carrier which I did. My buddy called back with various quotes and told me that they couldn’t write a policy for us because we had made too many claims in the past two years. (I had also had a wedding ring break and repaired through a separate insurance policy I had on it.) That was three strikes for us, and we were out!

This past Saturday I received a notice in the mail from our first and only homeowners company that they had terminated our coverage for non-payment. I had forgotten to call the mortgage company and tell them to resume paying our homeowners when we didn’t switch to the new company! Monday I called the mortgage company and the insurance company to get it resolved and, after half an hour of being on hold and transferred countless times, I was disconnected. I finally called my current insurance agent and asked them to tell me what I needed to do to get money rolling to my homeowners company again. The agent called back, and I knew it wasn’t going to be good when his first word was “unfortunately.”

“Unfortunately,” he said, “Your policy has been terminated with your insurance company and they won’t take you back because you filed two claims with them. We can write you another policy through another company which will be $2,000 more a year.”

What. the. hell!? Why do we have insurance if we’re penalized for using it?!?! Legally, we have to have it. We have no choice. We pay through the nose to have insurance! But if something happens that we can’t afford to repair out-of-pocket and that, in my opinion, warrants being repaired, if we go through insurance, we’re blacklisted! It seems so incredibly unjust.

Someone please explain to me how this is a just system. I am disgusted.

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