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I love being a Mom. I really do! But this is hard work, man. I don’t ever get to leave work to go home. My home is my work. And there’s so much that goes into keeping my household running smoothly with one in elementary school, one in pre-school, one who is potty-training, one who is learning to sit up by himself, and the oldest two playing sports and having after-school activities.

I know I’m not alone in this because I have an amazing support group of other women with young children who cut corners just like I do. We’re happy much of the time as Moms, but we’re also very tired. There are women, though, not as fortunate as I am to have the reassurance that they’re doing a great job as a Mom, flaws and all. So for those women, here is a compiled Confession from many of the Mommy Mentors:

kid-eating-hot-dogMy boys eat hot dogs for lunch every day.

As I was cooking dinner I remembered I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet today.

The dinner I was “cooking” was a frozen cheese pizza.

My toddler rarely wears pants, whether we’re inside our house, playing in our yard, or stopping at the convenience store for a gallon of milk. And on the rare occasion he’s wearing pants, he’s usually not wearing a shirt. Or shoes.

I take money out of my kids’ piggy banks when I’m short on cash.

I rarely change the sheets on my kids’ beds (or my own bed, for that matter).

My baby gets a bath once a week…at best.

Hairy-legs-random-28074426-350-261The last time I shaved under my arms was about 2 weeks ago. My legs? It was so long ago that I don’t remember.

I’m on an every-3rd-day shower schedule.

My kids eat sweets every day.

I don’t buy organic food and sometimes give my kids apples and grapes that I haven’t washed.

I don’t really like playing with my kids. I have to make myself do it.

Ifavorites like some of my kids better than others. When my parents said they didn’t have favorites, they were definitely lying.

Sometimes I don’t change out of my PJs all day.

Sometimes I go take a nap while my younger 2 sleep, even if my older 2 are awake.

I give my kids cereal for dinner when my husband is out of town.
I throw away sheets of stickers when my kids aren’t looking.

watchingtvMy kids watch much more TV than “recommended.”

If my toddler finds a gummy on the floor of the van and asks me if he can eat it, I say yes. Only if I don’t eat it first.

Sometimes I fuss at my kids to eat their veggies while I quickly scarf down a powdered donut.

Many times I put my kids to bed an hour earlier than their usual bed time just so I can have some peace and quiet. I’m not looking forward to them being able to tell time.

My toddler likes playing with my tampons, putting them in an out of the box. He sorts them by color, too.

If my toddler’s diaper leaks at night, I sometimes put a towel on the wet spot and have him go back to sleep in the bed.

I like wearing my maternity clothes when I’m not pregnant because they’re the most stylish ones I own.

I eat my kids’ Halloween candy.

I eat my kids’ Easter candy.

I eat my kids’ Christmas stocking candy.

I never brush my toddler’s teeth in the morning, only at night.

I’ve been known to have a glass of wine alcohol-abuse-during-pregnancy1-300x175when pregnant or breastfeeding.

I am more patient with my kids when other adults are around or when the windows to my house are open.

I forget to schedule my kids’ well-child visits until the school calls to tell me they’re not current on their immunizations.

I will never be like the Moms who post to Pinterest. When I provide snack for my pre-schooler’s class, I buy cupcakes from the grocery store.

I must admit, reading over these Confessions makes me want to follow up with a list of everything that we do well since we sound pretty horrid. But I’m not going to. This isn’t about us. It’s about you Moms out there who feel like you’re never going to be a contender for Parent of the Year.

And if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll realize that you probably chuckled at some of these confessions with a knowing smile. Even if there were some that shocked you, there are other moms who chuckled at those. The point is that we’re not perfect.

From an outsiders point of view, some Moms out there may appear to have it all together. They seem to have time to shower and flat iron their hair daily, make homemade lunches and put cute notes in their kids’ lunchboxes, make it to aerobics class, cook beautiful dinners, and greet their devastatingly good-looking husbands at the door, welcoming them into clean homes with well-behaved children whose homework is already done. These women are not real. There is no such thing. We may have days where we appear to have it all together. But none of us, none of us, has it all together every day.

All we can do is make an effort every day to push ourselves beyond what we want to do. This is the toughest job in the world, and you’re doing great! Unless, as one of my favorite bloggers says, “you find that you’re regularly too drunk to put the Cheez Whiz on your kids’ cookies for dinner…” :). Then we need to talk.

Much mommy love, Mommy Mentor CurlyQ

Want to make us feel better by telling us your Mom Confession? Leave a comment below.

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If you ever see any egregious typos in any of our articles, please let us know! Were probably typing with our toes because we’re nursing babies, wrestling a wild toddler, and having a cup of coffee. Thanks for your understanding and help!

As always, here is my have-mercy-on-me disclaimer. Thank you!


  • Anonymous says:

    Love it!! I was thinking that you were talking about me, hahaha. Everything is so true CurlyQ we are great moms!!! Oh and I have to confess that I put my stove clock half an hour ahed in order to tell my kids to go to bed earlier…. Haa!!!

  • curlyq says:

    I always wondered how Moms got their kids to bed early once the kids knew how to tell time. Just change the clocks. Brilliant!!

  • stevewiens says:

    LOVE this post. I’m a dad, but I resonate with so many things on this list. Just not shaving my legs. We have three boys under the age of 5 and it’s chaos every day!

  • curlyq says:

    Thanks, Steve. I really think we need reassurance that we’re doing fine even when we’re not doing great. You seem like a great Daddy-o. Keep it up!

  • Lauren says:


  • Anonymous says:

    I laughed out loud the whole time!!!!! Oh thank the good Lord it’s not just me! I only cook bcuz my kids need to eat, I suck at cooking, in fact when we go over to someones house where the Mom’s a good cook my kids say it tastes funny LOL I do clean… except Mondays, I’m too exausted from the weekend, I hate waking up to find a mess again each morning so some days I stay in PJs and scrapbook instead. I only DO MY HAIR for church on Sundays and I only put on a bra when I go pick my kid up from school, or leave the house lol… Glad I got that off my chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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