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colic_survival_guideAlthough I refused to admit it at the time, a couple of my babies have been colicky. They cried incessantly in the evenings for several weeks (or was it months?). Below are a few different things I tried. You may try several before finding something that works for your baby!

When your baby is really unhappy or in pain, try to recreate what it was like when she was in the womb. The Happiest Baby on the Block taught me the 5 s’s: swaddle, shush, sway/swing, suck and side-lying.

Swaddle your baby or put her in a sling, cradling her in a side-lying position. Take her outside and walk a bit while gently bouncing up and down or swaying side to side while making the “shhh” sound. Sometimes I tried a long, drawn out “shhhhhhhhh” and other times a fast staccato “shh shh shh shh.” I’d also pat her bottom at the same time. It’s kind of like patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time, I know, but you’ll find your rhythm. And you may look ridiculous, but if your baby really has colic, you probably don’t care at this point, right?

With baby #4, the only thing that worked for him was to let him nurse and nurse and nurse, even if I was empty. The sucking did the trick for him. I didn’t figure this out until he had almost out outgrown the night crying, but when I finally did, it seemed miraculous. I’d turn on “The Voice” and let him nurse through the 2-hour episode. When it was over, he’d be calmly sleeping and I’d put him down easily. The only down-side to this was that my husband couldn’t help…

Frazzled-MomIf your nerves are frazzled from the crying, it’s okay to put your baby down in a safe place and go outside for a few minutes to regain your composure. This may be especially necessary if you’re by yourself and don’t have anyone to tag-team with. You may also consider ear plugs, not to completely tune your baby out, but simply to provide a buffer to your eardrums.

Lastly, you can ask your doctor if it’s okay to give your baby Mylicon or gripe water. Both help with stomach upset which may be causing your baby to cry so much.

If you have thoughts of hurting your baby or yourself because the crying is making you so anxious, it’s time to ask for help now. Reach out to a trusted friend or family member and ask them to take a shift with the baby. Tell your OB or your pediatrician and they will have resources for you. You are neither the 1st nor the last mother of a baby with colic, and it will get easier!

Much Mommy love, Mommy Mentor CurlyQHow have you calmed your colicky baby? Let us know on our facebook page!
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